Our Services
  1. Business Services
    Consulting, Accounting and Payroll
    We live in a very dynamic environment and businesses need to be well prepared to survive the fierce competition out there. Medel & Associates understands how to create, develop, enhance and measure capabilities and strategies for a successful financial performance. We are here to listen and help you grow and transform your organization strategically with bookkeeping and payroll services as well as with day-to-day business advisory.
  2. CFO/CIO Services
    Part-Time or Interim CFO/CIO
    At Medel & Associates, we believe financial and information systems are strategic components and not just administrative functions within a company. Through us, your organization can access our financial and data management expertise and apply it into your business strategy and execution either on a part-time or interim basis.
  3. Tax and Audit Services
    Individual and Business Tax Planning, Tax Return Preparation and Tax Audit Resolution
    Medel & Associates understands taxation. Whether an individual or business, we can assist you to prepare your federal and state tax returns. Our technologically enhanced platform allows us to complete this process in a secured, convenient and time-saving manner. Are you facing an audit or have to correct prior years returns? We can also assist to obtain ITINs, amend tax returns and resolve and negotiate audits with federal and state tax authorities.
  4. Outsourcing Services
    Administrative and Financial Support and Limited Document Courier
    Although we are not a staffing company, Medel & Associates can assist you and your organization to save time by taking over some of your administrative and financial functions. We can also help with short-term financial or tax projects, important document deliveries and much more. Leave the time consuming tasks to us so you can be fully engaged in the activities that truly create value and money for you and your organization.
  5. Personal Services
    Financial Coaching and Life Transition Services
    Medel & Associates can provide personal financial coaching to help you thrive. Are you experiencing a life-transition event or are you or anyone you know coming to live to Minnesota? We are here to help with personal and financial feedback to ease your journey and reduce the anxiety of such an important life event.
  6. Notary and Spanish Services
    Minnesota Notary and Spanish Interpretation
    Medel & Associates provides Notary services within the State of Minnesota and can assist with most notarial acts. We can also help you and your organization with all your Spanish interpretation needs whether in a corporate, immigration, school or medical setting. We are here to help! ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarle!